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Vitorlázni megyek!



If there’s a storm approaching or persistent rain, we will contact you on the phone. In this case, it is possible to take advantage of the weather guarantee, and you can book for another time for free.

Yes, because a second-degree storm signal does not mean that there will be a storm.

You can benefit from our weather guarantee in the event of storm or persistent rain. In this case, you have the opportunity to book a new appointment free of charge.


Unfortunately not. You can pay in cash or by bank transfer. In the case of bank transfer, the amount must arrive in our account before the start of sailing.

It is worth booking the appointment as early as possible, because weekend and afternoon appointments sell out quickly.

48 hours before the date, you have the opportunity to rebook the sailing for another date ONCE free of charge.

Of course, in this case we will inform you about the price of sailing by e-mail.

Of course, our returning guests receive a 10% discount.


Of course, after we stopped.

Of course yes, life jackets for everyone, available in several sizes on board.

At your own risk and carefully, yes! After the boat is fully stopped.


Yes, you can bring any food and drinks with you, but please note that the capacity of our refrigerator is limited.

Currently, you can only buy soft drinks on board. In this case you can only pay in cash. Please note that our selection is limited!

If required, we can provide towels free of charge, but in limited numbers! So it is better if you bring it with you.

During the sailing, you have the opportunity to park free of charge in the parking lot of the port. You can also park at the train station which is not free.


Since it is a sailing ship, it is important to pay attention to the BUMM at head height, which turns to the other side when turning. At higher speeds, special attention must be paid to safety on the deck, but in this case our captain will inform you of the appropriate steps.

Many people are afraid of the ship capsizing, but thanks to its design, this cannot happen. Capital weight tilts the boat back from any position.

Yes, there are toilets and showers on board the ship.

For a full experience, you have the opportunity driving the boat! In safe conditions of course.

There are several sitting/lying places available on the boat, both outside and inside. That way, if you want to get away from the sun’s rays, you can relax comfortably with a glass of refreshment in the salon.

Yes, there is 1 socket available on the ship, so you can charge your phone or other electronic devices. However, please note that due to the movement of the sailboat, we cannot take responsibility for the integrity of your electronic devices (it is safest if the device remains in the bag, so that it cannot fall or slide off the seat, for example, in case of a sharp turn)